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Becoming a Digital Business: How to Build a Digital Business Technology Platform


Today’s business environment has made it so that every company is a software company—at every step they are required to interconnect anything with everything. The days of outsourcing IT are behind us and businesses must instead solve problems internally. Additionally, the lines of business now need access to these digital tools so that they can identify opportunities and solve problems while reducing costs and increasing the speed of innovation. Faster and better decisions are something every organization craves—where individual business sectors are empowered to act on real-time data. A digital business technology platform is the best way to achieve this.

Whether in the cloud or on devices via the Internet of Things (IoT), your digital business technology platform must build on both modern and legacy integration technologies. This allows the platform to handle today’s technologies including microservices, serverless architectures, event-driven architectures, machine learning, and edge intelligence. Agile development methodologies, DevOps processes, bimodal IT, and other cultural changes all help make up the digital business technology platform. This combination at the core allows the data-driven decisions at the edge to be made.

Effective digital transformation relies on hardware, software, people, and processes. Harnessing all that these have to offer and using them not only to act intelligently and in real time, but to learn and improve along the way is what allows a business to excel. Digital business technology platforms make this possible.

Ready to build (or evolve) your digital business platform? This O’Reilly eBook, “Integration and the Path to Becoming a Digital Business: Why and How to Interconnect Everything,” provides a complete guide.

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