Month: July 2018

Reporting and Analysis

Five Revenue Building Habits to Teach Your Sales Team

SugarCRM: Odds are that your sales team is a rich amalgam of different types of personalities, backgrounds, and experiences. Yet,…

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Analytics and Insight

Debit Card Skimming and Fraud

Tibco: This March, in Indonesia we had a hard wake-up call: debit card skimmers are still at large. We found…

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Big Data Management

The ROI of Being Data-Driven

Talend: I hope you have had a chance to read my earlier blog about the steps that an organization can take to…

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How Sugar Solves your IT Department’s Biggest CRM Challenges

  SugarCRM: While sales and customer service teams live inside the CRM on a daily basis, it’s the IT department…

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Why Financial Companies Should Embrace Automated Testing

  DevOps: The drive to deliver new functionality to customers faster is being felt across every industry, and especially so…

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